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Creation of Doggies on Board Logo

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doggies on board TM logo sign


When you see a logo do you ever wonder what sparked the idea to create that logo?  The idea for the doggies on board logo came about during a simple little trip to the pet store. 

I often take car rides with Jamie.  My place in the car is – front seat riding shotgun!  I really like riding in the car, especially when the sun is shining, the sunroof is open, and my faux hawk hair is blowing in the breeze!  I stand on the center console and stick my head through the sunroof – but because I’m not a big dog – not too much gets to “hang out” – mostly just my nose! 

Jamie is a good driver and when I’m along for the ride she knows most people can’t see me, so she drives extra cautious and takes corners a bit slower!  After all, let’s not throw me to the floor with a sudden stop, of course a doggie seat belt is something I should be wearing, but that’s another story. 

Anyways, when the three of us started thinking about our logo, we wanted something that stood out and alerted people to our attention…..something that says…caution, there are doggies on board.  And *poof*…..there it was….a bright yellow caution sign!  But instead of it saying “baby on board”, it reads “doggies on board” !  Of course I thought it should have read “monkey on board” (my nickname).…but, then again, we’re not really monkey’s…and we’re not babies….we’re doggies!!  And like our mission says, while we can’t solve the great mystery of life, we’re here to shed some light on fun facts, great toys…….I like tennis balls, rubber bones, squeaker toys, cookies, rawhide bones…..opps, back on track, and grand adventures to be had whenever doggies ARE on board.

p.s. – as Jameson P. Keagan of doggieson boardmy image appears on our logo, it’s design and content is the sole property of me, myself and doggies on board (a little legalize reminder there).




Kudos enim optimum talentum in consilium to Jamie for the fine graphics and creative design of our logo.


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2 Responses to “Creation of Doggies on Board Logo”
  1. Anne says:

    Love the logo! How clever!

  2. cheryl d'amato says:

    It’s about time that we get equal rights when it comes to having our “doggie” website. Now we can share our feelings, and let everyone know that we “do” have doggie power. Paw slap, Baci(Las Vegas)…

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