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Leaders of the Pack – Meet The Boys

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  The Boys

                                                                           The Boys


O’Riley Madagan

O'Riley Puppy “Hello world, Riley here ……I’m excited to personally expound on my fine virtues, good looks, and all around sophisticated charm that emanates from my stealth body!”

I am a devil may care, two year old male Wire Fox Terrier living in Everett, Washington.  I live with Linda and Jack; actually they reside with me in my house.  I share my domicile with two pups Murphy and Jameson, but thO'Rileyat’s another story! 

My favorite past time is giving the local squirrels a heart attack  by scaring them silly when they trespass in my yard; bet they never knew they could scamper up a tree so fast! (Heh!  Heh!  Heh! )  Looking forward to meeting all you dog pound buddies and hope you enjoy the web site!

(Memo to Riley: Your Dog Pound profile looks good……ready to post as soon as you delete the first sentence (a little over the top)……photos approved.  7/21/09, Editorial Control Board)

Oops – I didn’t get the Memo!

Murphy Murpherson

Murphy Puppy Hi, I’m Murphy!  I’m one year old and I’m a Wire Fox Terrier too!  I live in Everett but I don’t know what that means cause I really live in a house, not an Everett, with Riley and Jameson.  I think I must be important cause I have lots of tags on my collar, Riley says the tags say a lot about me but I can’t read them, my snout blocks the view, besides I can’t read upside down words! 

I’m a very happy little boy, see my smile, I like to smile at  everything, can you smile?  Riley says smiling gives you wrinkles, but I dMurphy Murphersonon’t care, besides you’d have to shave me bald to see them.  One day when I grow up I’ll be big, Jameson is bigger than me and he’s younger than me, guess the growth bug bit him hard cause he’s even bigger than Riley!  And I’ll be smarter than Riley, he’s really smart, must be so cause Linda calls him a wise guy”.

I love to play in the back yard and on the weekends I like to go to the boat, sometimes it rocks but I don’t get sick, and I have a really cool life jacket!  Hope we have some buddies that like to boat, we can swap pirate stories and adventures on the high seas.  What’s a high sea ?  I hope it’s not scary!


Jameson P. Keegan

Jameson puppy Hi there, my name is Jameson, affectionately called Monkey by Jamie; though I’m not quite sure why.  I don’t climb trees, nor do I eat bananas so I’m not sure of the association, I just know it’s far beyond this male to understand the reasoning of women.   I just show up when I’m called!

Like the Murphs I’m a year old, but younger by a few months and bigger than both.  I also live in Everett, Washington and yJameson dockes I do know where that is!  I’m part Wire Fox Terrier and  possibly a Jack Russell, moms say he was a bit of a rolling stone but quite debonair and charming.  Seems I’ve inherited his traits of attracting members of the female persuasion along with a stylish sense for fashion!  That’s cool! 

My favorite time is cruisin’ with Jamie in her car; off leash, front passenger seat, sun roof open, faux-hawk hair cut blowin’ in the breeze, and my coach collar for bling.  Yeah baby, that’s how I roll!  Welcome buddies to “The Dog Pound!”  

Want to be an official Dog Pound Buddy?  It’s easy, just send us a Then and Now Photo or your favorite mug shot along with a bio and we’ll put you in the Dog Pound.   Click Here

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    Great website , love the design. Seriously considering migrating to this cms now!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your response, hope you’ll visit often.
    O’Riley, Murphy and Jameson

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    I want to start blogging too, what do you think, which blog platform is good for beginner?

  4. admin says:

    We have been happy with Bluehost running WordPress. Good luck and success to you.
    Editorial Control Board

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