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Presidential Dogs – Life in the White House

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      We just celebrated the Fourth of July, so it seems to me we ought to dig up a little info on Americas patriotic pooches.  Serving their country in the White House as part of the Presidential family has got to be a tuff tour of duty.  Check this out…..your hounded by the press, cameras and microphones shoved in your face!   You gotta keep your nose in check when meeting foreign dignitaries, and of course no growling allowed in public at the opposition party!  Despite the  drawbacks it’s gotta be cool to live in this huge mansion. You can make decisions about your day in the Oval Office, eat biscuits in the China Room, or take a nap in the Lincoln Bedroom (why not, everyone else does).  And you’ve got the best private dog park in the whole world, the White House Lawns to play in right out the back door!      
     The first pup on my list is a little black Scottish Terrier (kinda partial to that breed) named Barney.  Barney’s Commander in Chief is George Bush. Check out these photos:

   Barney on the White House Lawn         Barney in the Oval Office         Barney on the Presidential lectern 

     White House Lawn                                 The Oval Office                                 Official Press Conference

Barney was born September 30, 2000 and has spent most of his life in the White House.  According to all reports Barney’s favorite pastime is playing with golf balls and soccer balls; which he doesn’t like sharing much with the newest family member, Miss Beazley.  Not to besmootch a pooch publicly, unnamed White House sources have confirmed that during the holidays Miss Beazleys Christmas presents have on occasion gone missing!  They point to film evidence that can be located on Barney’s web site.  Not only does he have a web site but he is the star of many featured short films that you can link to at the end of this article.  Barney’s tour of duty has now ended with the election of a new President and the family has moved back to Texas and private life, but his final farewell to the White House press corps made headline news!  Barney bit the finger of a reporter who came a little to close for comfort, which just goes to show sometimes you can bite the hand that feeds you, and get away with it!
     Miss Beazley is also a Scottish Terrier and was born October 28, 2004.  The little lady became part of the family in January 2005 as a birthday present to Laura Bush by President Bush.  Her public debut was quite a press event and it didn’t take her long to charm the socks off everyone, even Barney.  Sources close to the pair have reported that despite her young age Miss Beazley has been seen advising Barney on proper public behavior.  It’s been my experience that women tend to do that!  Miss Beazley also
starred with Barney in a number of short films, of course getting equal billing.    

 Beazley3-sm     Barney & Miss Beazley     Miss Beazley & Barney 2007

    Miss Beazleys Debut                     Miss Beazley advising Barney                  Miss Beazley & Barney 2007

Going back in time there have been some strange White House First Pets, not all have been cute, loyal, cuddly dogs.  During President Woodrow Wilson’s term, 1913 thru 1921, he brought in a flock of sheep to graze on the White House lawn.  World War 1 was raging and it was a great way to cut costs of maintaining the grass.   Seems his favorite was a tobacco chewing ram named Old Ike.  President Benjamin Harrison who served from 1889 thru 1893, was also fond of farm animals as his grown son Russell owned a pet goat by the name of Old Whiskers.  As was the custom for the times goats were used in harness to pull sleds, sometimes with small children aboard; glad I’m not a goat!  History did point out this goat could be stubborn enough not to heed Presidential orders as the goat ran off down Pennsylvania Avenue towing the grandchildren, with President Harrison running after them!  So much for the dignity of the office!

Sheep-Woodrow Wilson          Old Whiskers the goat  

     Sheep grazing on White House Lawn                                                      Old Whiskers the Goat

There’s more history to come on Presidential Dogs and in upcoming articles we’ll again uncover the past along with the present.  Remember to check out Barney’s Website and view his films: Click Here

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