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Lessons Learned from Squirrels

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O'Riley the Blogger

As a pup everything peeked my interest and with a keen eye for detail not much skimmed by me that I couldn’t apply to my benefit.  Take for example my first encounter with those furry little varmints called squirrels.  But first let me give you the panoramic layout of my backyard domicile.

Out through the slider door is the back deck which sits off the ground about five feet, affording me the perfect view to purvey the entire layout of the rectangular yard below.  The gap in the deck rail is just enough that my head slips thru affording me a perfect unobstructed 180 degree view.  To the left is a terraced vegetable garden, aahhh, strawberries ripe for picking, green beans in flower, delicate pea pods and juicy lettuce swaying in the breeze………and fortified by wire fencing to keep munching pups like me from savoring this delectable feast!  Sorry, back to my story.  In the left corner is a Cherry tree dripping with bright red cherries, in the center of my universe is a dwarf apple tree to fill yummy pastries, and in the right corner is a pear tree but barren of sweet juicy pears (drat those crows).  Between the trees various bushes and ornamental grasses grow in the flower beds that flow along the fenced yard, providing perfect camouflage as I lay in wait for a varmint to descend into my little slice of heaven.  The plush green grass fills the interior, spread out like a royal carpet inviting its king to trod across its deep cushion.  Beyond the lower height of the back fence is a lush green belt of alder and pine trees among dense bushes.  This prime-evil forest is the home of my nemesis…………the squirrels!

O'Rileys Back Yard Domain

As a pup I watched these strange creatures from the safety of the deck, in awe of their long bushy tails, their uncanny ability of balance as they ran along the narrow top rail of the fence, and flying thru the air with their long leaps of faith.  Into my yard they came, grazing on the delectables in my vegetable garden unchallenged by the wire fence that I couldn’t penetrate, picking cherries at will and casting pits to the ground, and playing tag with each other as they bounced and tumbled across my carpet of grass!  Ohhhh they tested my patience, teasing me with their presence as they trespassed unharmed in my private oasis!  Just wait till I get a little bigger boys, the times will be changing!  But throughout this time all I could do was watch…….. and that I did. 

My keen eyes soon detected a pattern to their odd behavior when it came to their rooting in the flower beds.  At first I thought they were digging just to create holes in the bark, kind of like a sign that said, “I was here, stop me if you can”.  But I soon realized they were burrowing small craters looking for just the right spot to bury food treasure, an underground bank box I would call it, to stash away extra for a rainy day!  It was a brilliant idea, but the one flaw in their plan was that most of the time they couldn’t remember where they buried it, so my flower beds always have empty little pot holes from squirrels with bad memories!  But being smarter than the squirrels I knew I could apply their strategy to create my own unique savings bank, right here in the house. 

I am very partial to biscuits and if I work it just right I usually earn two or three just for acting cute, which for me isn’t hard to do!  Now instead of eating every biscuit I put some aside, placing them around the house partially hidden, but never buried.  I know where all my treasures are stashed and I must say my savings are growing dividends, compounding faster than I could have imagined!  Even though I’m not fond of the little squirrels I’ve learned a valuable lesson from them.  When times are abundant save those extra biscuits cause when all the tomorrows become today this smart pup will be ready for lots of treats without doing tricks!


                                                        Where’s Riley?


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