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When I was a puppy – what would I grow up to be?

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I was born into a long standing family line of Wire Fox Terriers, and little did I know I was already pre-selected for a special girl named “James”.  My new family was waiting for her to return from living in Boston and every day until her arrival home her dad would say to me .…. “ah ha ha Jameson…..I picked you out”.  I’ll tell you though, it’s tough not knowing where you’ll end up once you learn you’ll be leaving the only home you’ve ever known and your mom and your siblings behind!  I had a lot of questions ……where will my new home be?  Would I be a city metro dog, designed in mind with posh signature coach collars and sweaters?, or a farm country boy, decked out in slickers chasing cows?  Will there be warm beds to sleep in.….and food?  Will there be food?


About the time I was a month old, I noticed my siblings and I didn’t quite resemble the look of the other and older fox terriers romping about the puppy playground (I of course thought we were waayyy cuter !!).  My nose was shorter and fatter, my hair was longer and softer with a slight curl at the ends, and while it seemed I was growing a beard (ladies love the beard), my tail also grew longer and longer…..straighter and fatter with all the hair!  It was then that I started to question the breed heritage of my parents, in hopes it might bring enlightenment as to what breed I truly was.  I know my Mom is a Wire Fox Terrier, but alas my dad is a mystery!  How did they meet?  What were their interests?.. …..importantly, what were their names?  And hence the big question came forth, “what kind of dog breed am I?”


Much to my relief when I came to my new home with James…..there was a playground of grass and clover, bossy brothers to share the house and yard with,…… and beds…..lots and lots of beds!  I have three!  A primary bed, a secondary bed, and a bed in the kennel……grrrr.  And yes, there is food…..lots and lots of food!  It just sits out in my bowl..…waiting to be eaten, kibble by tasty kibble, and always filled to my delight.  And while I have all the “comforts” a dog could want, I am still puzzled to know.….what kind of dog am I?  James says I look more like a Jack Russell – with strong traits of the Wire Fox Terrier.  But just the other day, I think I saw my “brother” in a magazine…..and wanted to know, how did he get published?…..and what do they call him?  I am not a Wire Fox Terrier.  And I am not a Jack Russell.  I am a mixed breed, and as James says, “A Peanut butter and jelly breed”.  As my name states, I am, Jameson P. Keegan (did you see the “P” in there…uh-huh…yeah).  So, if you think you’ve seen “me” before and you think you know what I am, sent me a comment…..I promise I will reply, .… I am waiting to be titled.


Jameson and Jamie

Update: 3/12/2012

I am fast approaching my fourth birthday and I have yet to uncover my exact lineage, however I am very happy with who I am.  Some still believe I am a cross between a Wire Fox Terrier and a Jack Russell, while others now believe my dad was a Beagle.  The thick long tail of the Beagle certainly wags as mine does……maybe!  I added some photos below of Rough Coat Jack Russells along with several mixes involving Beagles, Jacks and Wire Fox mixes …… you be the judge…….What do ya think?  Then again I will always be “Monkey” to Jamie!

 Maybe Combinations of Jamseons Lineage




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One Response to “When I was a puppy – what would I grow up to be?”
  1. Lisa says:

    I to have seen pictures in magazines that look like Jamison and would love to find a puppy but so far no luck. Please let me know if you find any other information or puppies available. Thank you. Lisa-Redmond, Wa.

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