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Fetch the Snowball

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Jameson P.

Now that winter is upon us tis the season for a little backyard game called “Fetch the Snowball”.  Jamie seems to garner a lot of fun and laughter while playing this game with us, but frankly I see little humor in this game at all… fact I find it mostly frustrating!


Let me set the stage…..the first new snow of the season drifts down lightly from the sky, layering itself on the ground. The boys and I have been sitting patiently for hours with our noses pressed against the cold glass of the French Doors as we watch the white flakes swell in depth.  Jamie appears, bundled up in boots, hat, scarf and gloves and begins to attire Murphy in his snow gear.  Murphy is now dressed and ready for the elements, she pulls open the door to let him out, but Riley and I can no longer contain ourselves!  We scramble over each other, launching ourselves thru the opening, finally free to romp in our winter wonderlandRacing thru the yard I’m in top form; spinning, bouncing, rolling in the heavenly fluff.  Snow is clumping in my whiskers and beard; resembling tiny dingle balls they decorate my face.  The air I breathe is fresh and crisp, my senses are in overdrive as I race to explore the first winters snow.


Jamie has joined us in the frolic…..she chasing us…… we chasing her.  She stoops to the ground, then stands up, and lo and behold clutched within her hand is a gleaming white ball!  Woohoo!  Now we’re talkin’, gunna play a fetching game!  Back goes her arm, she’s about to throw and I have already left the starting blocks, my athletic ability has hurtled me halfway down the yard.  I’ve turned, ready to catch……it’s in the air……I leap and my teeth clinch the white ball.  But before my paws hit the ground the ball has disappeared from my grasp; into nothingness it has evaporated.  What the heck?  My eye catches the movement of Jamie’s arm as she tosses another white ball.  Murphy and O’Riley are behind me as I sprint into action.  The ball hits the ground as we slide upon it, but wait……it’s nowhere to be found.  What is going on ?


Jameson playing Fetch the SnowballSnow is being shoved up my nostrils as I root thru the white layer searching for the gleaming white ball, but again it has disappeared into the nothingness.  The boys are looking as confused as I am, where the heck is that gleaming white ball?  Maybe I’m experiencing snow blindness cause I surely can’t see it, and I certainly can’t smell it cause my sensitive sniffer has been thwarted by the frozen ice clogging up my nostrils!  Jamie is hysterical in laughter…….but I’m not sure what the joke is!  No, wait!  I do know!  I now recall this game!  We played it last year when we were just wet nosed pups, it was our first snow and boy were we sucker punched!  There is no gleaming white ball!  It’s just a clump of compressed snow ready to dissolve into nothingness upon our touch!  Oh, the mastery of Jamie the deceiver, hysterically laughing at our expense.


A truly smart dog wouldn’t even bother to participate in this frustrating game of deception!  However I am smarter than the average smart dog, and knowing where my bread is buttered when it comes to Jamie I will continue to play Fetch the Snowball.  I will wag my tail with excitement, I will hurl my body into the air, and with my gasping breath I will continue to race the yard looking for the elusive ball that really doesn’t exist.  And I will be rewarded beyond my wildest expectations!  Smart doggie!


Jameson with Jamie


When I’m in the mood for some serious fetching games these are my favorite fetching toys.  Check out the PetQuerks Talking Babble ball…….hours of fun when your flying solo!  

What fetching games do you play with your dog?

What are your dogs favorite fetching toy?



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  2. O'Riley, Murphy & Jameson says:

    Thank you for your comments, we try to keep it fun and interesting! Please visit us again!
    O’Riley, Murphy & Jameson

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