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Great Tips for Winter Dog Care

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Winter Dog Care for Your Dog


Old man winter is coming our way, I smell it in the crisp morning air and see it as the leaves change colors and drop to the ground.  So I am reminded by mother nature to share some tips on winter care for dogs by owners to keep their buddies safe and warm.



  • Good shelter is a must.  Keep your dog warm, dry and away from drafts.  Being confined to uncarpeted areas, especially tiled areas can make any tail shiver, so remember to throw down blankets and pads on the floors.  Look at it this way……when was the last time you slept on a cold hard floor! 


  • Don’t leave your dog for long periods of time outside in the cold.  Pay special attention to wind chill!  We may be having a great time in the snow but my body temperature could be getting too low so limit our time outdoors, a Shearling Dog Coat or any cold weather coat is a welcome accessory, especially for us short haired breeds.  Frostbite can be a problem for the ears, tails, and feet.  You can protect the feet with dog boots, waterproof and non skid are the best, my favorites are Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots.  If my lips are blue I think we’ve been out too long!


  • Towel off or blow-dry your dog if it gets wet from rain or snow.   Also dry and clean the paws.  Linda does this all the time and I thought she just wanted to keep her carpets clean.  A little petroleum jelly may soften the pads and prevent cracking.


  • Feed your dog (yum, yum) additional calories if it spends a lot of time outdoors or is a working animal.  Extra calories are necessary as we expend more energy in the winter to keep our body temperature regulated.  Of course don’t over do it, we want to keep our svelte figures.


  • Groom your dog regularly.  A well-groomed coat aids to proper insulation, and matted fur is quite unsightly along with the fact it can pull and irritate the skin. Short or coarse haired dogs (like me) may get extra cold, so as I mentioned earlier consider a sweater or coat.  Don’t forget to keep the toe nails trimmed,  less outdoor activity time means I won’t be wearing them down as much on my own! 


  • Antifreeze is highly poisonous.  To us dogs it smells and tastes good, but it can be so lethal.  Rock Salt can irritate our footpads, so rinse and dry our paws after a walk, better yet use the waterproof dog boots.


  • Make sure we have plenty of fresh water.  Preferably not “Ode to Toilette” bowl kind.  Dehydration in the winter is just as likely as in the summer.


  • Fireplaces and portable heaters can burn!  And like kids we don’t always understand the word HOT!  So be cautious in their use around your pets.


  • In the winter, just like people, we can be more susceptible to illness.  If we have suspicious symptoms dry nose, lethargy, lack of appetite as examples, take us to the vet! 


Wire Fox Terrier in a Fashion Suede Shearling Coat


One of my favorite’s at is this awesome pet fashion Suede Shearling Dog Coat!  Jameson isn’t the only one who can make fashion look good!  




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