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Unique Dog Breeds: Spotlight on the Giant Schnauzer

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Profile Black Giant Schnauzer

  Breed: Giant Schnauzer

  AKC:  Working Group

  Size:  Large,  23.5 to 27.5 high at the shoulders

  Weight:  75 to 100 pounds




If you ever get a chance to see a Giant Schnauzer up close and personal you realize that this is one big powerful pup!  The breed standard notes the dogs height is the same as his length, which results in a look of being square.  Kind of reminds me of a military tank on legs!  The breed is believed to be a cross between the black Great Dane, the Bouvier des Flandres, and the standard Schnauzer.  Their large head is framed with the traditional bushy eyebrows, whiskers and beard, and dark brown oval eyes with a large black nose.  In fact the word “Schnauze” in German means “muzzle”. 


Salt & Pepper Giant Schnauzer

     Much like myself the Giant Schnauzer is considered a low shedder due to a wiry coarse outer coat and a soft dense undercoat.  Coloring is solid black or salt and pepper.  The tail is usually docked and cropped ears are optional.  Grooming involves regular brushing, cleaning, beard washing,  and clipping or stripping of the coat.

Black Giant Schnauzer

     Giant Schnauzers are loyal, intelligent, and vigorously active dogs.  They love their owners and feel responsible to protect them.  They also need lots of exercise; daily walks, playtime, romps in the yard.  They especially love having a job to do.  Noted health problems are epilepsy, dysplasia and toe cancer.  Their life expectancy is 11-14 years.


 The World of Schnauzers Book

Think a Giant Schnauzer may be right for you?  Buy the book “The World of Schnauzers” and visit the Giant Schnauzer Club of American, Inc to explore this unique breed.  Breed standards are available at – American Kennel Club – Giant Schnauzer.



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One Response to “Unique Dog Breeds: Spotlight on the Giant Schnauzer”
  1. Mary Campbell says:

    I always thought the Giant Schnauzer was an awesome breed, I love big dogs. I live in an apartment and know that is not enough space, and no back yard to romp in. People should always think about the happiness of the dog and not themselves. But one day I will have the right place, and the right dog. Enjoyed your site.

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