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Do Dogs Watch TV ?

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“Do dogs really watch TV? Some of the “experts” say we don’t, but many owners claim their dogs do really watch television. So who’s right?”



“Experts” say most dogs follow movement of objects on the screen and may even bark in response. The physical makeup of a dogs eyes are similar but different than human eyes, therefore creating an image quite different from what humans see. Dogs eyes have fewer color vision cells called cones, but they have more light and motion detectors called rods when compared to the human eye. Simply put their color spectrum is more limited, but on the other hand they have better night vision. Because of this sight difference dogs interpret television images differently; they cannot determine exactly what the image is but are intrigued by the shapes and movement on the screen.

“I don’t know what an expert is, I just know that cones are my treat when we go to Dairy Queen, and as for A Rod I love to watch him play baseball! I would watch more TV if I could operate the remote thingie better, it’s hard pushing the little buttons with my paw toes! If your a people try this: stand up, put the remote on the floor and try using your toes to change the channel! Pretty hard, huh!”

“Experts” say that because of the dogs keen sense of hearing, along with the ability to pinpoint the direction of the sound, the television can be quite interesting to dogs depending on the types of sounds or noise emanating from the set. It’s not uncommon for a dog to suddenly focus on the television when certain sounds attract their attention. 

“Tell that to O’Riley when the doorbell rings on the TV and he races to our front door barking! Maybe our surround sound system fakes him out cause he sure doesn’t run up to the TV and bark at it!”


“Experts” say that the dogs most important sense, their sense of smell is not stimulated by television, therefore a sound or motion may at first attract their attention, but without smell conformation they will likely loose interest.

“Ya know, they have aroma therapy to calm the senses, maybe they’ll soon make aroma TV. Aah! I can almost smell the bacon in the Beggin Strips commercials!”


Does  your dog watch TV? Let us know, send Murphy a comment.


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4 Responses to “Do Dogs Watch TV ?”
  1. c. penguin says:

    I do get to watch Friday games on TXA and maybe 1 game/week on Fox Sports. Other than that, it’s online streams.

  2. Murphy says:

    Hey penguin:
    You lucky dog…..I don’t get the remote very often so my T.V. watching is limited to a lot of boring news channels……But football is starting! Yeah! Love the U of W……”who let the dogs out….woof woof woof”!
    Stay Tuned!
    Murphy Murpherson

  3. eliza says:

    My dog is not actually looking at some series, but when dogs bark in a program, he goes to the tv and just stares at it, and maybe he will bark to, very funny to look at.

  4. Murphy says:

    Hey Eliza,
    We dogs can provide lots of humerous entertainment! Just ask Riley….he thinks I’m a funny little guy! Good to hear from you!

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