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Taking Your Dog to the Vet: Easy Tips for Great Visits

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Jamesonimage here, thought I’d give you “owners” a few tips about things to do when taking your dog to the vets…me, no problem. I love the vets…and they love me…naturally!  Yet since Murph and Riley have had the recent pleasure of several visits to the vet clinic the time has come to discuss this topic….and how to avoid the un-certain behavior which may arise in some that are less traveled!




Doggie getting weighed1. Start socialization trips at an early age:  Take your puppy in for a visit to get acquainted with the car ride (me for example,I was on my way to the AIRPORT when I was only a few weeks old to pick up mum), the clinic building, the staff, and of course the distractions of other pets in the waiting room.  Have the little one get on and off the scale and reward them for their courage; that scale can be a scary object especially if you’ve gained a few recently….ummm biscuits !  Most clinics welcome and encourage these little “Hi, how are you” visits. 



Doggies on a walk2.  Expend their energy-Take a walk:  I go for a walk EVERY morning at 5 am sharp…!  On a planned visit allow time for a long walk with your pal.  This will burn up excessive energy and make for a more relaxed trip.  If the weather is not conducive for an outdoor excursion try a few minutes at a brisk pace on a treadmill!  And don’t forget to allow a backyard pit stop for a little relief, better there than in a crowded waiting room!  After all your pup won’t blush but you certainly will.




A Doggie in Harness3. Get Dressed!:  By that I mean in a suitable collar or halter with a leash.  Now I’m considered an off leash kind of guy, but when entering the Vet’s waiting room I’m always on a leash.  You never know who or what is sitting in the waiting room, could be friend or foe, and it’s always best to keep your buddy on a short leash by your side.  Then again a kitty in a box meowing can be an unwanted distraction, especially if your dog has a grudge against the feline persuasion! 




4. Don’t inA Scared Doggienocently reward nervous or aggressive behavior:  A vet clinic usual has treats available as rewards for good behavior…ask me for tips, as I have warranted quite a few…in fact the other day james was at a drive through espresso stand…and yeah, the barista threw a bone my way….must have been the haircut, but case in point.  When your buddy is acting fearful the owner needs to avoid giving treats or “baby talking” in an effort to calm a dog down.  This only reinforces negative behavior.  Be like Caesar, show calm, assertive energy to eliminate fear, nervousness, or aggression.  Love that man…and James has learned a lot !



5. Take timMassaging the Dogs Earse to “Handle” your dog: ha ha ha ha ! By this I mean touch your pet, get them used to having their feet and toes handled, their lips and mouth opened, their ears inspected and their tails lifted….“uhm….may I help you” ?  Doing this lets you discover sensitive areas that we may not feel comfortable with…but that’s ok….we’re just letting you know…for me, it’s my tail and feet…my tail is a wagger…not a play toy.  As much as it’s important for me to feel comfortable with my exam, James also recognizes it’s important for the staff to “do their job”.  She is my mum, but these people are trained to provide the best care and knowledge for me…so, to avoid the awkward response from the staff of “we’ll take him to the back”…be patient and courteous of the people there….they truly have our best interests at heart.



Smiling Dog



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2 Responses to “Taking Your Dog to the Vet: Easy Tips for Great Visits”
  1. Just a decade or two ago people didn’t realize the importance of cruelty free dog training techniques.

  2. Jameson P. Keagan says:

    Hey Shena,
    This pup is definitely into cruelty free dog training techniques! My favorite is: reward with a Charlie Bear technique!

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