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Hot Spots on Dogs: Acute Moist Dermatitis

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 So your probably wondering why I’m sporting this ridiculous looking plastic image halo?  It’s actually called an Elizabethan Collar, or E Collar for short.  Short!  Now there’s a word to the describe the disposition of my temperament right now!  Anyhow……it’s not that I want to look like an angel (which I am by the way), I’m actually undergoing treatment for a hot spot.  It’s a nasty that came out of nowhere, landed on my neck, became icky and itchy, and put me in bad temperament.  Since I won’t stop scratching at it they threw me in this get-up.  Let me tell you, scratching at plastic does nothing to relieve the desire to scratch this nasty off my neck!  So what exactly is a hot spot?” 


Officially known as “Pyotraumatic Dermatitis” and also called “Acute Moist Dermatitis”, a hot spot is an infection and inflammation of the skin.  It can be superficial or deep, emit pus, smell badly, is warm to the touch and painfulimagely itchy.  Hair loss around the infection is common.  Obsessive scratching, licking, and biting at the area is typical which can lead to spreading of the infection to other areas.

Hot spots can be initiated by fleas, mites, insect stings, allergies or injury such as skin scrapes.  Matted fur can also play a roll as moisture next to the skin can become trapped creating an ideal environment for an infection to start.  Troublesomeimage areas for hotspots are the feet and legs, neck, chest, flanks and rump.

Treatment will usually involve a trip to the Vet where if required a sedative can be administered, the area shaved of hair and cleaned, medication prescribed such as oral antibiotics, and topical drying sprays or shampoos.  An E-collar is usually worn to protect the area from scratching or licking.



“And that’s exactly the treatment plan I had; to the Vets, sedation (cause I was pretty adamant about anyone touching me), a shave, antibiotics to consume at home…….and of course this blasted E-collar!  I feel like a cone-head!


Reference: Pyotraumatic Dermatitis: Pyo refers to pus, traumatic refers to self inflicted trauma of biting, licking, scratching.  Dermatitis refers to inflammation of the skin.


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Do you have any tips or favorite products that you use for your dog to avoid Hot Spots?


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4 Responses to “Hot Spots on Dogs: Acute Moist Dermatitis”
  1. Florence O. says:

    I used to love reading your blog, but lately it’s been a little boring. I’ll still read it though =)

  2. admin says:

    Florence O.,
    I’m sorry, my creative juices seem to come in drips these days, but looking to start gushing again soon! Of couse if the Editioral Control Board would allow me to sink my teeth ( heh, heh, heh) into my kind of article my juices would certainly flow back to the top! After all Hot Spots on dogs are kinda of Ho-Hum (unless you get them)!
    Hang in there gal,

  3. Clark N. says:

    You made some decent points there.

  4. O'Riley says:

    Hey Clark!
    I know! I’d say I was SPOT on!
    Heh, heh, heh……….

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