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Mother’s Day – Because Moms Rock

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Mom and her pup


Mother’s day is fast approaching, our annual holiday that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds.  People honor this day as a time to reflect and say thank you for all that Moms do.  For a different perspective we thought the Boys might give us a little insight as to their thoughts regarding their Moms as we celebrate Mother’s Day.


 imageO’Riley:  “As a highly intelligent fellow I realize that as dogs we view our Moms quite differently than people do.  Some where in the farthest reaches of my brain are but a few faded memories of my mother.  I know she was very smart, sassy and independent, and extremely good looking!  Which thanks to her are the same awesome attributes I possess.  I also know like all good Moms she never let us go hungry, nurtured us with love, affection, and discipline, and taught us life lessons for success in our adult endeavors.  The thing about a dog Mom is at eight weeks they lick you goodbye and push you out the door into the world.  Talk about tough love!  Bet there are people Moms who would love to do the same!  Heh, heh, heh!”




Murphy:  “I remember my mother pretty good cause I lived at home longer than Riley did.  Jameson and my mother are sisters; I’m older by two months and I had to wait for him to grow a bit so we could leave together.  Riley says I stayed longer cause I was the litter runt, but I don’t know what that means,  I just know that mother  always taught me to never leave trash around, it invites bugs.  Ick!  Next to my Mom Riley is my hero, I look up to him, did ya know he’s taller than me?  Sometimes in my dreams I see my mother.  I remember her soft bark and the warmth when we all snuggled together.  She always made me feel safe.  I think she would be proud of how well the little guy turned out! (sigh)”




Jameson:  “So…….my thoughts about Mom!  Hmmm.  I can say, despite my unfortunate circumstance of having a wayward father who dismissed his obligations, that Mom made up for that and gave us her complete attention and adoration.  We lacked for nothing as she juggled her busy schedule, often going without food or sleep till the needs of her litter were met!  As I look back I am now amazed and inspired by her determination to instill in each of us the knowledge and confidence we needed to become happy, successful dogs in the big world.  I know there are people moms in the same situation and like my Mom they are the most awesome breed in the world!  So give it up for the Moms!



Mothers Day is this Sunday May 13th.  Get un-busy, give her a call, spent some time with her and let her know how important she truly is!


                                             BECAUSE MOMS ROCK! image

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