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Eat Your Greens! Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

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My momma imparted great wisdom on me! “If you want to grow up big and strong”, she would say, “then eat your greens” !





Maybe that’s why I’m bigger than O’Riley or Murphy.  She also handed down medical advise……eat grass for a sour stomach and I’d feel a whole lot better.  Mom knows best!  The grass tickles my stomach, makes me puke, and voila’…..I feel instantly better.


People think it’s a big mystery as to why dogs eat grass, kinda like which comes first, the chicken or the egg. They ask, do dogs eat grass to vomit or do they vomit because they eatgrass?  Is it because our diet is lacking or just because we enjoy grass as our version of a salad?


Well guess what!  Dogs are actually omnivores, which mean we eat meat as well as plants.  Besides being hunters of meat my ancestors were also scavengers, eating whatever they could find to survive including plant matter like greens, fruits, vegetables and berries.  These foods have been a part of our diet for thousands of years!


As for the domesticated dog, vets can usually agree that they really don’t know why we indulge in this practice of eating grass.  Some vets believe a dogs diet may be lacking in fiber, others think they just plain enjoy it, while others believe it may be caused by an upset or overly full stomach. In the wild an upset stomach can be deadly!  It’s a dogs natural instinct to try to bring up a meal that is a source of discomfort, eliminating a toxic or dangerous substance.  Grass acts as an irritant in the stomach and stimulates the urge to vomit. This instinct seems to have been retained by the domesticated dog.


As you can see eating grass can be a normal indulgence for many canine friends.  Avoid allowing your buddy to graze on lawns and plants treated with pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides.  And before you put that new plant in the ground make sure it’s not poisonous or toxic for dogs.  Most of all if eating grass is a new behavior for your pet with frequent vomiting, check with your vet, this could be a sign of a viral or bacterial infection.  


Bon Appetite’!


Does your dog chow down on grass?


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