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Dog Pound Buddies – Vol. 1

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 Dog Pound

Murphy, O’Riley and Jameson want to welcome all of our new Buddies to the Dog Pound.  Thank you for joining!




                                                          Dog Pound Buddies                                              


                                                 Send us a bio and photo !

                                                       We’ll put you in the Dog Pound ! Click Here


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12 Responses to “Dog Pound Buddies – Vol. 1”
  1. muscleupp says:

    Very interesting info, i am waiting for more ! Keep updating your site and you will have a lot o readers

  2. The Boys says:

    Hi there Muscleupp,
    No strong arming you to make a comment! Heh, heh, heh! Thanks for taking the time with the kind words.
    Riley, Murphy and Jameson

  3. fortuna zaklady says:

    Hello buddy, can i post articles to your website ? Let me know if you are interested

  4. The Boys says:

    We’d love to review articles. Submit them to our contact e-mail address and we’ll run them by the editioral control board.
    Your buddies,
    O’Riley, the Murphs, and Jameson

  5. tray racks says:

    I truly relished your article, and now have bookmarked it on my delicious, mr wong, stumble accounts.The content is easy and to the level.

  6. Murphy says:

    Well Tray,
    Very kind comments, of course not being college edumacated I gotta keep my content easy and level, other wise I would’nt be able to read my own writting.
    Come to think of it I can’t read my own writing, that’s why I type everything (but sometimes my toes get caught tween the keys)!
    Your little buddy,
    The Murphs

  7. Tydeman says:

    everytime i visit your blog i find atleast one post that interests me.your content never ceases to engage me.

  8. Jameson says:

    Hope we continue to engage you!

  9. Scooby Doo says:

    This is the best dog site ever!!!!!

  10. Murphs says:

    Scooby Doo!
    Us Dogs do have our day! See ya in the toons! Love your show……
    The Murphs

  11. Lisabeth H. says:

    Love your blog!

  12. Jameson says:

    We love your comment!
    Jameson, Murphy, O’Riley

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