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Dog Idioms|Popular Dog Phrases, Barking Dogs Never Bite!

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A while back Murphy wrote a little ditty about Dog Idioms; phrases used by people.   According to Simple Wikipedia, “An idiom is a word or phrase which means something different from what it says – it is usually a metaphor. Idioms are common phrases or terms whose meaning is not real, but can be understood by their popular use.”  Kinda complicated if you’re a dog, but you can see we’re not talking about idiotic dogs, just the people who come up with these phrases!  Here are 10 more Dog Phrases to add to Murphy’s original list:


A Barking Dog Never Bites:  Until it stops barking!  It’s kinda hard to bark when your mouth is chomped down on the annoyance that’s threating you (heh, heh, heh)!  And like most dogs I can growl really loud with my mouth closed and teeth clenched.  People use this saying when they refer to someone who makes a lot of threats but rarely carry them out.  By the way, doggies don’t make threats………Grrrrr.

Throw You A Bone:  Please do!  But I am a little picky, and after the previous phrase I’m ready to sink my teeth into something!  Who’d a thought it’s another persons way of giving you a compliment?  Or it can be taken as “I’ll take the best and leave you the scraps, if your lucky!”  Bones, scraps, leftovers…….I’m up for that!

Call Off The Dogs:  This one fits here nicely.  Simply put – stop attacking or criticizing someone, as in “I’ll call off the dogs when you throw me a bone!”   Hey……I think I’m getting the hang of these dog sayings!

Chasing Your Tail Gets You Nowhere:  Duh!  I’m been telling Molly (she’s my sister) that same thing for some time now.  Round and round she goes, getting nowhere real fast.  She doesn’t seem to listen, but then again when does any girl listen to what a man has to say!

Hot Dog!:  Who uses that phrase today?  Way uncool!  However it might come in handy if your Whistlin’ Dixie at some lovely dog of the female persuasion!  When I’m really pleased about something I prefer to say, “Fantabulous!”  It’s so much more upper crust………..

Better To Be The Head Of A Dog Than The Tail Of A Lion:   Now that’s unique… take is: It’s better to see where your going in a lower position than to be the follower at the rear end of the king of the jungle, if you get my drift!

Barking Up The Wrong Tree:  Southern expression I believe….some poor ole’ coon hound with a cold in the nose trailing a raccoon up the wrong tree that has nothing in it; or, looking for something that is not where you are looking.  Sounds like an oxymoron to me! 

Why Keep A Dog And Bark Yourself? :   Pretty plain and simple, why have a maid if your just gunna re-clean yourself!  Me?….I don’t do windows, or any such domestic work at all!  Remember? I’m a dog!

Tail Wagging The Dog:  My all time favorite!  Pretty much an item of minor importance dominating a situation.

You Dirty Dog! : A bad rap as most buddies I know are clean as a whistle!  A popular phrase in the Wild West Days usually referring to someone as an untrustworthy person. Bantering that little ditty around back then could get you a quick draw match on the Streets of Laredo and a ride to Boot Hill!  “Hasta la vista, baby!”

Despite the fact that the meanings of these phrases are not real and just a metaphoric description of vaguery, looping together various phrases could make an excellent sentence that any dog would understand:

You dirty dog, if you thow me a bone I’ll call off the dogs cause remember barking dogs never bite until they stop barking, and while chasing your tail won’t get you anywhere if your barking up the wrong tree, the tail won’t be wagging this dog on his quest!  Hasta la vista, baby! 

Do you have a funny dog saying?  What is your favorite Dog Idiom? 

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