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People Who Look Like Their Dogs – The Resemblance Factor

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Jameson & Jamie

Jameson and Jamie

Do people  really look like the dogs they own?  Or do dogs take on the looks of their owners?  To answer that is way above my educational background, and frankly the research task it not something that I really want to sink my teeth into!  Believe it or not researchers have conducted various studies on this phenomenon, and a book was actually written on the subject matter!  Do these people have too much time on their hands or what?

I’m not so much into the scientific facts, fashion’s my true game, but it seems to me their main point was that when choosing a dog people look for the same traits in a dog that reflect their own personalities.  They also noted that people truly love their dogs, will pamper it, and start grooming the animal and themselves along similar lines.  And the resemblance factor was strongest among owners of purebreds, while there was no evidence of resemblance between mixed breed dogs and their owners.  Not sure I agree with that, Jamie and I share many personality traits and I’m a mixed breed, however…… main intention is to have a little fun with this whole premise! 

There are lots of funny photos of people who look like their dogs posted on the www and I’ve gathered a few for your enjoyment: 

Look like your dog - Natural Males

Look like your dog - Matching Duos 25

Look like your dog - Kids and Dogs

Look like your dog - Oh My Gosh Brothers

Look like your dog- And the Best in Show Is

Look like your dog - Saving the Best for Last

It is said that “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together” , and after looking at these photos I guess that saying is true!  If people tend to be attracted to those who have personalities like their own, then why not the same with dogs!  Of course there are those times as a dog you’d really like to be able to pick your own person………as for me………I’m a lucky dog…….I get to hang with Jamie, that’s how I roll!


Do you think people really look like the dogs they own?

Or do dogs take on the looks of their owners?


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