Friday, February 23, 2018

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“O’Riley here”…………On behalf of Murphy and Jameson we welcome you to “doggies on board”, a simple place to share the love, companionship, and frolicking good fun that dogs can bring to your everyday life!  We can’t solve the great mystery of life but we just might be able to shed (no pun intended) some light on fun facts, great toys and products, and adventures to be had whenever doggies ARE on board!



Staff Reporters

Sniffing out the facts are:

O'Riley Madigan

O’Riley Madagan a.k.a. Riley : “I’m the top dog of this pack cause I was here first!  I’m a two year old Wire Fox Terror, I mean Terrier, and if it passes my smell test it’s gotta be good.  I’m a very clever fellow and always, but always, the innocent victim when the boys make mischievous trouble.  Did I tell you I was handsome too!  I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you more when I finish my feature article.”


Murphy Murpherson

Murphy Murpherson : “I’m a big boy now, I try to be grown up…….I got a year under my collar.  My cousins say teasing them makes me happy.  I’m always happy……see my smile?  Everyone thinks I’m hyper but I don’t know what that means.  Sometimes my tail wags so much I think it might fall off!  Gee, do you think it could?  I hope they let me write articles too!  What is writing?”




Jameson P. Keegan : I’m the youngest in the company of three, but also the biggest.  I’m not sure what breed I am, Jamie says to her friends (with glee), “oh…Jameson is a wire-haired fox terrier mix/long haired Jack Russell….” and I just roll my eyes…too many words for me.  Why can’t she just say, “dog”?  Though I don’t know what I am, (I know I’m a boy) I possess a keen taste for the finer things with a fashion sense of what’s hot (and what’s not) and a devious fauxhawk down my back….screaming here I come….PET ME!  But I am sweet.  She calls me monkey….you can call me jameson.


Editorial Advisory Board

Our mission : Keep the “boys” noses to the grindstone, to provide the best dog-gone website available:


Linda & Jack

Linda : As a kid Jack grew up with dogs, Linda on the other hand was always dragging strays home, hoping to wear down her parents resistance to a family pet.  By the sixth grade it finally worked!  We’ve been married now for 38 years, raised three kids, and throughout this time our family life has been shared with German Shepherds, Labs, Doxies, Dalmatians and Wire Fox Terriers.  Regardless of the breed each one has brought joy and laughter, companionship with love, and of course an occasional bad habit!  Like with kids it goes with the territory, and like with kids the journey is a  little sweeter when you have “doggies on board”. 

Jamie: I am an interior designer and extreme dog enthusiast, sharing equal passion in the finer things in life (like my “dog”) and have come home from living afar to once again, hound my family on what’s hot….and what’s not. I enjoy fine handbags, “designer-ish-shoes”, coffee and varieties of red wine, and flavor in the delight of good food. You’ll know me for my BIG smile and charismatic personality…..and yeah, I’d blame Murphy too!