Friday, February 23, 2018

Photo Submission to Dog Pound Buddies

MurphyThe Murphs here:        “It’s so easy to become a “Dog Pound Buddy”, I could do it all by myself, if I could use a computer!  Hey Riley……What’s a computer?  Anyway, just  follow the directions below!  Lookin’ to hear from you!”

“Oh! by the way, the Editorial Control Board reminded me to tell you to read the below legal beagle stuff, so please read the below legal beagle stuff.”  Thanks, Murphy.



Submit photos (limit 2) by email to:

Label the email subject line “Dog Pound Buddies” and send your pups photos as an attachment.  Photos must be in JPEG format, minimum of 300 pixels wide.

In the body of the message provide a description of the photos, and a brief bio about your pooch pal, including their name, city, personality traits, things they like to do, or special places they’ve been.

Legal Beagle Stuff:

By submitting photos and bio information for use in this site you are acknowledging that you are the legal owner of the images and that you grant, without compensation, the full usage rights to “doggies on” and it’s webmaster(s) to use the attached photos and information for any purpose pertaining to this domain or others, as well as relinquishing any right that you may have to examine or approve of the use of said attached photograph(s) or any materials submitted in conjunction with it, and you release “doggies on board” from any and all claims relating to your submission.

Not all submissions will necessarily be posted.  “doggies on” reserves the right to review, edit, or crop all submissions for conformity to this web site’s standards of appropriate material. 

When you submit to our email address, information is only used to respond to your inquires, not stored for other purposes nor is it shared with any outside parties.

Thank you for your participation!

The Editorial Control Board