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More Dog Trivia : Murphy’s Top Ten Trifles

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    Time for more of my Top Ten Trifles on Dog Trivia!  I’ve been searching the great dog library to bring you the the odd, the weird, and the funny trivial facts about dogs!        A dogs only sweat glands are between their paw pads.  (Do you know how hard it is […]

Dog Pound Buddies – Vol. 1

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    Murphy, O’Riley and Jameson want to welcome all of our new Buddies to the Dog Pound.  Thank you for joining!                                                                 Dog Pound Buddies                                                                                                    Send us a bio and photo !                                                        We’ll put you in the Dog Pound ! Click Here   Did you like this? Share it:

Unique Dog Breeds: Spotlight on the Bergamasco

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  Breed: Bergamasco Sheepdog AKC: FSS Herding Group Size: 22” – 24” inches high Weight: 57-80 pounds       The Bergamasco breed is a dog with a unique twist on appearance.  Quite frankly Bob Marley’s dreadlocks would be extremely jealous of the coiffure sported by this rare breed!  So what is a Bergamasco and […]

Unique Dog Breeds: Spotlight on the Giant Schnauzer

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    Breed: Giant Schnauzer   AKC:  Working Group   Size:  Large,  23.5 to 27.5 high at the shoulders   Weight:  75 to 100 pounds         If you ever get a chance to see a Giant Schnauzer up close and personal you realize that this is one big powerful pup!  The breed standard […]

When I was a puppy – what would I grow up to be?

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  I was born into a long standing family line of Wire Fox Terriers, and little did I know I was already pre-selected for a special girl named “James”.  My new family was waiting for her to return from living in Boston and every day until her arrival home her dad would say to me […]

Leaders of the Pack – Meet The Boys

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                                                                              The Boys   O’Riley Madagan “Hello world, Riley here ……I’m excited to personally expound on my fine virtues, good looks, and all around sophisticated charm that emanates from my stealth body!” I am a devil may care, two year old male Wire Fox Terrier living in Everett, Washington.  I live with […]